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Event Design Certificate Program

Experiences participants #EventCanvas


"Event Design in the EDC program gave me the tools I needed to explain to my students and clients the importance of the design process. The tools and the methodology are so well aligned and designed that I now know how to make it happen. I’m ready to start transforming the way we design events!"

Mariana Camardelli - Sâo Paulo, Brazil



"I would highly recommend this course to my colleagues at the Events Department as its a completely new way of designing and starting an event which I never knew about, and which makes you think of every single factor that would be needed to start an event starting from your stakeholders going through till exiting behavior and how to improve your event next time. Its not easy to start planning your event, with Event Canvas you would be able to engage the whole team in designing, brainstorming, and executing the event and create value out of every single event you design.”
Majeed Al Majid - Bahrain



"The methodology is great and the way the course is designed with a hands-on part but also some additional theory at the end is, in my view, very effective. As well having to complete an event design on our own (with coaching available) is a guarantee to ensure the use and application of what has been learned. I like also the way we all become a team and can share our experience and work on the Mural platform. Really a good instructional design and excellent experience for me!

Having experienced organising events where stakeholder objectives were quite divergent I am thrilled to have learned a methodology that analyses stakeholders views, clearly articulates their objectives for the event and stimulates creativity to design events that matter!”

Myriam Gomez - Geneva, Switzerland


"If you are interested to increase value for an event, want to tackle this systematically taking the stakeholder's perspective into account, map this to your desired business outcomes, then the Event Canvas methodology will provide you with new but easy to use and logical approach of how to look at events supporting organization's strategic goals.”

Claudia van 't Hullenaar - Cologne, Germany



"Having analysed in detail full offer of education within our industry (trainings like: ROI, Meeting Design, CMM, CMP, etc) I believe EDC is the most complete and interesting offer to learn how to have a methodology for the event design and share it with all event stakeholders. And the only one with a method, several tools and resources focused in understanding how to change behaviour.“

Angeles Moreno - Madrid, Spain



"The Event Canvas provides a system and the tools for organizations to plan more effective and measurable meetings, time and time again once the easy to learn process is put in place. It works because it makes sense, it is visual and it ties back to your stakeholders. A small investment at the outset will stand planners and events in good stead moving forward and I would recommend it to anyone in the business of meetings and events."

Tahira Endean - Vancouver, Canada


Menno Bouma

"How did I ever manage without...? Even with 10 years of experience you learn so much! Great program, great trainers. Sharing thoughts, doubts, questions and experience with an international group of people gives real depth to this program.”

Menno Bouma - Amstelveen, the Netherlands