Amsterdam Advanced Graduate School

Event Design Certificate Program

Innovate and professionalize events with a strategic management template

The program consists of three different modules.

Event Canvas

Photographer: AAGS

Module 1 - #EventCanvas: Basic skill set and awareness

Stakeholder awareness, analysis and behaviour mapping (Empathy Maps) and basic application of the #EventCanvas to articulate how an event can change the behaviour of the stakeholders. Basic skills include ability to interpret and create an EventCanvas Boundary box and discuss stakeholder needs. 

Module 2 - Familiarity with the #EventCanvas as a User Interface

Prototyping and application of the canvas to discuss, prototype and make informed decisions using the EventCanvas as a compass for the team to create impactful events with informed team members having used the process previously. Application of the Event Simulator, a toolkit with facilitation cards to enable team collaboration on creating events using the #EventCanvas. 

Module 3 - Ability to lead a team through the process

Working with the Event Simulator, a toolkit with facilitation cards, which enable you to facilitate your team through an event design process. The toolkit enables your team to design events as a team using a proven method. We will address the ability to have the conversation on a strategic level and to make time available to design events. 

Event Canvas

Photographer: AAGS

After this program you:

  • Are able to apply the EventCanvas to document and design events
  • May submit a full event design as a case study within 6 months after the program
  • Get two online coaching sessions with the trainers after the program
  • Receive the Certificate and you may call yourself Certified Event Designer

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25 september 2018