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Event Design Certificate Program

Would you like to become a Certified Event Designer? Innovate and improve your events with the EventCanvas.


The challenge for every event manager is to develop a compelling program, over and over again. Taking care of concept development and event execution in the same role can be challenging. Every project is unique and often very complex. A spider web of all kinds of disciplines, delivering their services. How to articulate the value of an event, the return on investment and what is the effect the event has on branding, relationships and sales?

To innovate and improve events you need a tool. EventCanvas is a strategic management template to design events. The EventCanvas provides a common language for events which allows you to have a meaningful converstation with all parties involved, from event owner to supplier. A tool to design better events. 

Event Canvas

Photographer: AAGS

During this program

  • You'll get insight in how events create value
  • You'll discover a practical and visual language and you'll learn how to apply this in the innovation process
  • You'll learn about and appreciate powerful examples
  • You'll gain knowledge about theories which are fundamental to Event Design
  • You'll receive tips and tricks to have the strategic conversation about events
  • You'll work with a tool for strategic management

Who should participate?

This program is for change-makers, such a program managers, event managers and marketing managers who want a hands-on approach to understanding, designing and delivering events that matter by using the #EventCanvas, which is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing events and conference models. This program:

  • Offers insights in how events create value
  • Trains event professionals how to design events
  • Facilitates the strategic discussion about events
  • Is a tool for strategic management
Event Canvas

Photographer: AAGS


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